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I am planning to transfer during the Spring Semester. How would financial aid work?

I am currently going to a CC.

I will get my associates in the Fall (reason I went to CC was because I didn't know what to major), and I don't need any help (financial assistance) while I'm attending CC, but I planning on transferring to a University to finish my B.S.

I know financial aid is for the entire school year, so how would this work if I only need it for the Spring semester?

Will they split everything in half or what would happen?

I hope my question makes sense...

Thanks in advance

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    Some schools will not take mid-year transfers

    so, you need to go ahead & get with the Uni that you plan on transfering to NOW & find out if you will be able to transfer for Spring & what you need to be doing to make sure that can happen

    You might find that you will loose eligibility for State Aid... especially if it is on first come first serve basis because that will all be tied up with students who start in Fall 2012 at the Uni

    like I was saying... go ahead NOW & get with the Uni's admissions & fin aid office... find out what you can expect & what you need to be doing

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    they always split it in half, you'd only be going half the academic year using it.

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    Since you are not starting (transfering) school till spring, why worry. Just attend school as usual during the fall. During then, you can try to apply for financial aid for the new school. You will never have to mention the one you are at right now

    You will only get half, since the grant is determined to be an annual amount

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    When you apply for a pell grant make sure that you put in the code for the school you want to transfer to. They will only give the grant money for the spring semester. If you need additional help, you can also apply for a loan or a work-study.

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    You would have to reapply at the new school you're going to, unfortunately. They would most likely give you a certain amount of money, and then the money you didn't use since you're only taking one semester there, they'd take back.

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