Should I give up on this job, or am I being impatient?

A week ago on Monday, I sent my resume to a business to work as a receptionist. On Tuesday (less than 24 hours later), I got a call from the manager to schedule an interview. On Wednesday, I had the interview and it went great - she told me she liked me, liked the way I looked, and that I had a good phone voice. She said she had one more interview Thursday, but that I should hear back from her Friday, or Monday at the latest, and if I don't hear from her by Monday, I should give her a call. I left the office feeling confident, and it was really the best interview that I've had in a while.

Yesterday was Tuesday, and I called her to follow-up. She told me that she had one more interview yesterday, and that she'd give me a call (didn't specify when or what day). I'm starting to feel more and more like this is a dead-end, and that she got my hopes up for nothing. One thing that's bothering me a bit is that I don't think the job was ever advertised - I just went out on a whim and sent in my resume IN HOPES that there would be an opening, so where are all these interviews coming from?

I'm trying to stay positive, I really am, but I'm just starting to feel like I'm not gonna get the job, even though the manager made me feel very confident about it. What do you think - am I just being impatient or should I give up?

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  • 9 years ago

    The job market is tough right now and persistence pays off. Perhaps the Thursday interview rescheduled for today and she wants to complete that interview before making a decision. I have worked as a hiring manager before and it really is a complicated process

  • Isabel
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    9 years ago

    Well, I've been there. And the thing is this, that if she's continuing to interview, she likely hasn't found her candidate and is still looking. But, saying that, well, managers use all kinds of wording to not say what they really mean, things like what you were told, it's a great way to put off job candidates by saying I have just one more interview. I wouldn't count on it coming through but I wouldn't completely shut the door. Just move on to something else and you might follow-up one more time, but that should be it. If you haven't heard anything by the end of this week, I'd write it off. You're right, your hopes got up but the thing is that they simply can't be honest anymore, they can't really say and it is for their own protection that they remain positive throughout the interview. You need to realize that you can't base your hopes on the interview, you base it on getting the call after the interview. I had a company dangle me for a month before they finally said no - they actually waited until the new employee was in the job for a week before notifying me, they wanted to make sure they would show up and have half a brain when they did.

  • 9 years ago

    Hopefully she didn't hear you say the word "gonna".

    Some people get extremely irritated with slang English.

    Gonna is not a word.

  • 9 years ago

    I definitely think that you should not stop looking for a job. Anything can happen, they could go with another candidate, they could cancel the job opening, they could take weeks to decide. It is not feasible to hang all of your hopes on one interview.

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