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Can you buy things online with a pre-paid debit card?

There is a website I am looking to buy off of however my mom doesn't really want to use her credit card so I thought I can just put $53 on it to get my purchase. The site says it takes MASTERCARD/VISA which are the main pre-paid cards I'm assuming

So Just quick questions

Obviously can I use them to buy products online? Im guessing you can

The site ask me to having a BILLING NAME which is supposed to match my credit card? If I get a pre-paid card then won't my name NOT be on it?

I've herd that the only problem people has is with the adress and the pre-paid card? IDK? Something about having to register the card, if so how long does that take to register before you can use it?

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    Call the pre-paid customer service line (# should be on the back). Option menu will prompt you to setup your zipcode & Billing address there. You should be able to use it online after activation.

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