my friend met a guy online on a website called my ''yearbook'' and she says he's 18 and she's 17 she has his phone number and she knows where he lives at.he has a little girl!but an 18 year old boy with a a 7 year old girl does not match up!hes older i know he is.she wants me to go his house!so she can meet him.im gonna go but in worried he might kill us or something though and his house is right by mine and if my mom see me outside of school i would be in big trouble!i know him and her aregoing to have sex though i know it too!she said it in an jokingly way.help me tell me what to do.


i dont know him because i dont really go outside that much and the place shes meeting him at is not even his house!its just a meet up place so he can take her to his real house !

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    Don't go to it. That's a bad situation to pit yourself in. Your friend shouldn't go either. It's dangerous. And an 18 year old with a 7 year old? He would have been 10 or 11! Your friend is not very smart if she believes him. Besides he just wants sex, nothing else.

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