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The Republicans are always saying the GOVernment does not work, who do they suggest we trust, Them?

They would love for the government to go. So they can rule and rule alone. The people. (Little people ) wouldn't stand a chance. They're trying to hard to stop things. Something is wrong with that.


What some of you are saying doesn't make any since. Your basically saying the GOV is a crook. But you guys want us to exchange them for more crooks. Bright real bright. Sometimes I wonder.....The government is to protect the people. But who's to protect the people from the people that wish to do harm in all the worst ways. Please make sense.

Update 2:

SENSE rather...

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    They put in laws that make gov hard to function then say it does not work. it is a hostile takeover.

    congress is preforming Treason

    politicians are afraid of Gubber Norquists Islamic Army why?

    They ruin things then blame others for it not working a planned attack to remove democracy

    republican Party does not believe in democracy

    America is not their corporation and we are not their slave workers.

    revolution is only weeks away at this pace.

    Citizens must request a Constitution convention now and I really mean that

    A constructional convention must be requested now..long process that must be started

    They are fixing Florida as party is a larger criminal; organization than ever before..I mean that

    GOP rigged the primaries and now are working on the Gen. wait to you receive a letter that says you have been removed from the voting roster because you are not a citizen......CRAP, LIES> and a very dangerous game


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    Ok, Please tell me WHAT is wrong with stopping the Profligate Spending?

    And DON'T tell me "well, Bush over-spent too" because Bush's deficits were never more than Half-a-trillion,. and Obama's are consistently THREE TIMES That!

    ALSO, That is third-grade playground crap to use someone's past behaviour to justify your own. The main difference is the Republicans are the only ones who want to face our problems and make the hard choices.

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    Sure, I got a big kick at the last Republican convention where they blasted the congress, DC, the leadership...all as if they hadn't had the White House for the last eight years, and the Congress for six of those eight, and four before that.

    All vanished in a haze of amnesia.

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    Perhaps they would prefer corporate CEO's to determine our foreign policy and private lives.

    Hmmm, they may be already.

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    The problem is that the government is too big and too powerful. A government that can give you everything (education, welfare, food stamps, social security, medicare, etc.) can also take everything away from you.

    Look at this problem on a smaller scale. Who should have the right to say what happens in your home and how you spend your money? Should it only be you (and your spouse if you have one)? Or should it be your entire block, your entire community, your entire city, your entire county, your entire state?

    Exactly how wonderful do you think your life would be if everyone in your county got to say how you spent your money (including redistributing it to others) and what you did in your home? That's what we're trying to do with government - give the power back to the people by reducing governments power over our every-day lives.

    That's what freedom is - making your own choices and either suffering the consequences of the bad ones or reaping the rewwards of the good ones. If you don't want freedom, then find someone to support you of their own free will, and let them make all your decisions for you. Just allow me the freedom to live my own life.

    Isn't that what you libs are always crying about? My body - my choice? If you want your freedom to make your own decisions, then you have to allow others the same rights. You can't have it both ways. That's what being a grown-up is all about.



  • And the Democrats all say that the government works just fine? Where the hell have you been? I don't even own a TV and I know that Democrats complain about the government.

    And how would the Republicans rule without a government? With spears? By the might of their burly biceps?

    Republicans are trying to 'stop things'? Like what? The changing of the seasons? The Earth's orbit? What the F are you talking about?

    I'm guessing you just woke up. That's OK. Drink some coffee. Have a little breakfast and try again.

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    We are? I don't remember ever saying that, but I realize that since you rarely work on substance, summer, you have to generalize.

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    Cause the Tea Party is not like Your ilk.

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    9 years ago

    I know! Why can't they just agree with your demands that the government take total control of our lives?

    The state can tell us when to wake up.. just like you want.

    The state can tell us what to eat.. just like you want.

    The state can tell us where we should go to work.. just like you want.

    The state can tell us when we can go home.. just like you want.

    The state will tell us what government propaganda we're required to watch each night.. just like you want.

    The state will tell us when to go to bed.. just like you want.

    Why can't Republicans see how great your vision of the liberal utopia would be?

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