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i want to buy a companion dog for fun

well my brother wants to buy a dobermann and i want to buy either great dane or shar pei so i want a dog to be friendly

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    I have a Shar Pei puppy and he's a great companion. He's smart and sweet and plays well with children and other dogs. Mind you, I've put an awful lot of time, research and patience into his training.

    He gets oohs and aahs everywhere he goes, even the vet's office, and they see a lot of puppies. He's wrinkly with droopy eyes and very sweet.

    He needs a lot of exercise, like any dog, but two good walks a day is enough. He's a medium-energy dog, so he's not too much.

    He's 4 1/2 months old and he already knows the following tricks: come, sit, down, up, look, stay, touch, release, spin, go to your couch, go to your room, go to your spot, on the book (part of rear-end awareness training), heel, high five (up high and down low), leave it, bring it, bang bang (play dead) and go pee-pees. He also knows the name of two toys and can ring a potty bell. He's getting better everyday at ignoring distractions like kids, dogs or birds when we go on our walks.

    I can't speak for dobermans, but Shar Peis can be strong-minded, so if you don't provide leadership, he'll take on the role.

    I also had an old man retired stud Shar Pei years ago and he was a prince. Everyone loved him and he was a great companion.

    Shar Peis are expensive to insure and please do lots of research into the animal's lineage.

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    The doberman! or the great dane if you don't want the doberman. Both are so sweet and friendly. Especially the great dane. And they really don't need much exercise. They are great apartment dogs. The only downside would be the massive amounts of food required to feed one. But dobermans are gorgeous, sweet and fun. I would get one myself :) and I have always wanted a great dane too!

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    Doberman's are great dogs, smarter than a Great dane or Shar pei. But if you don't want a Doberman (cant imagine why they are wonderful dogs) then I would go with Great Dane. They are friendly and don't require that much exercise. My nieghbor has one and she is the sweetest thing and lets the kids climb all over her and she wags her tail. Get a DOBERMAN! you wont regret it, but if you don't get a Great Dane!

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