Is there really any use for a ring target?

In pok'emon. The item basically makes it so things that wouldn't normally hurt your pok'emon will now have an effect.

Has anyone found a use for this item? Just curious.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not really besides the trick strategy. I was looking up sets and came across Trick + Iron Ball Metagross, whose main supporting purpose was to Trick an Iron Ball onto Flying-types and Levitators, making them susceptible to Ground moves and entry hazards. Then it came to me: why not Trick + Ring Target. While it does look bad at first, losing valuable immunities, but however, this doesn't affect usual Trick and Switcheroo users. They would actually support the team by making a Pokemon who is immune to a type no longer immune. Skarmory and Thundurus can get hit supereffectively by Earthquake, Spiritomb by Fighting type moves, and much more.

    How I would use it

    Reuniclus@Ring Target

    Modest/Magic Guard

    252 HP/ 252 Def/4 Sp.Def



    -Focus Blast


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