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Help I gave my dog iboprofen!!!!?

My dogs been feeling a bit sick of late and had a temperature so I gave him iboprofen almost 200ml in syrup. He had bloody diarrhea later in the day and after some research online I read that its poisonous. Im mortified....im a monster. I feel awful and took him to d vet asap....he gave him an enema to flush out his bowels. And a shot to prevent bleeding. Hes "seems" fine now. Hes running about barking playing pranks. His appetite is normal and ate well. What can I do now???....Is there an antidote???....I feel awful!!!......will he be better.....hes a small breed a year old!!!

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    You won't be able to tell for a couple of weeks whether he has suffered permanent kidney, bowel or liver damage, but it sounds likely to me. Ibuprofen syrup contains 20mg/ml of the drug, so the maximum human pediatric dosage is 10ml. In other words, if he has ingested 200ml, an entire large bottle for Christ's sake, he has been overdosed with 4,000 mg of ibuprofen, which is enough to put an adult human in the ER.

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    "....he gave him an enema to flush out his bowels" and a shot for bleeding

    ok then...

    Since your "vet" did all that..the dog should be just peachy, why are you asking on here?

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    The smartest thing you did was brought him to the vet. There was nothing else you could do besides that. Ibprofen can kill a dog and you should have looked it up before giving your dog human medications. If your dog gets suddenly sick again such as blood in his urine or stool or there is a major change in his eating sleeping, or behavioral patterns then I would suggest bring him back in. Other than that. Dont give you pet pills without first looking up if it is okay for them to have it.

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    Why not just ask the vet treated your dog? Why would you give your dog IBUPROFEN without first checking with your vet?

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