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What instrument should I learn to play?

I was thinking of playing the violin and piano and guitar. I really like the piano and guitar and I already know how to play the violin and a little bit of piano. Is it too much or what do you think?

Thanks in advance!!

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    I thinks its a bit too much. Maybe stick with the two you really like? I like violin and piano, but guitar's not bad either. I think you should start with one thing, maybe violin, get really good at it, then start another. The better you are, the faster you can improve, so the less time you'll have to practice. When you get really good at 2 instruments, add a third one and you'll be spending more time on the new instrument. I think you could try this. It's experimental, of course, so you might not want to take my advice, but it is logical and should work.

    If you have a friend that plays a lot of instruments ask him, since he has experience and could help you. Good luck.

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    Not at all! I mean I play clarinet, piano, saxophone, and a little bit of guitar, so as long as you love it and are dedicated and practice, it shouldn't be a problem. And they're all really great instruments, so I say that you should go for it :)

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    It's not too much if you like it. Do whichever one you're the most passionate about. That's the only way you'll become proficient at it. I personally like the violin out of the ones you mentioned (I'm learning the violin too :)). I would focus on one instrument and do the others on the side, only if you want to get really good at it.

    Also, if you're open to new instruments, you should try the trombone. It's a gorgeous instrument and can play so many different types of music. Besides, it's just awesome! But maybe I'm a little biased, since that's what I play :)

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

    Source(s): I'm 15, play guitar a little bit, learning violin, and have played the trombone for 4 years!
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    You should start with the synthesizer .

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    It shouldn't be too much if you're enthusiastic about it. Besides, once you learn about the staves and notes, treble and bass clefs, it's universal in those things. Then it's just applying the notes to the different instruments!

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