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What can hermit crabs eat?

Could I have a list of what I could feed my hermit crab? And can they eat watermelon? So far I've fed them parsley, carrots, tomatoes, a little bit of dark lettuce, and grapes, but none of which have I found to be their favorite yet.


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    i am so happy you got more hermit crabs :O) most people think hermit crabs are herbivores but in actuality they are omnivores - eating both animal and plant material ... i think you already know to avoid commercial hermit crab food in case it contains the preservatives ethoxyquin or copper sulfate ... everything you have listed they will eat ... but they really need protein on a regular basis ... if i am having chicken for dinner i will cut a small chunk for them ... i also feed them shrimp, steak, pork, peanut butter, cheerios, bananas, strawberries ... i also buy this food:


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    - 64 packages of home-made organic hermit crab food from ebay (crabtreatmania)

    http://www.hermitcrabpatch.com/Pet-Hermit-Crab-Foo... - another site that offers great hermit crab food (and products) at good prices ... the mineral supplement and the crushed oyster shells are two favourites of my hermit crabs ...

    http://www.hermitcrabworld.com/hermit-crab-food-di... - this is the hermit crab food pyramid and gives an idea of what they should be eating ...

    and it is important to offer a variety of food ... in the wild they are scavengers and used to eating different things daily ... a study was done where land hermit crabs in captivity were provided the same food every day until eventually they stopped eating it and continued to look for other food ...

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    Veggies. I had hermit crabs and I found them eating their own kind which more like cannibalism. Try worms.

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