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Best warm ups and stretches for cheerleaders?

Please describe them in as best detail as you can. Videos are great too.


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    9 years ago
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    some good stretches are


    -go as far down as possible and hold it for (right and left) 30 seconds

    -wallsplits are when you do a split up against a doorframe. do that as far as you can go and hold for 30 seconds

    -oversplits are when you go into a split but you are elevated slightly or elevated alot (start out close to the ground and get higher as you feel comfortable) and hold for 20-30 seconds


    -hold a regular bridge for 30 seconds

    -when your in your bridge, find like and edge or line and do a bridge behind the line (not too far) nd push your body over the line so that your legs are almost or straight


    -if you can do a: scorpion,heel strech or scale do those and hold them

    i hope this helps :)

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