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I lost my wife because the color of my skin. Why do he have to be this way?

My heart is heavy right now. I was in a interracial marriage that currently is sour mainly because my wife family hates me because i'm black. Me and my wife love each other so much but the burden was to heavy to the point she left me.Her parents would call when I wasn't around and brainwash my wife on things and tell her she had to choose between me or themShe would even call at my wife work. She fought it off for awhile but the more and more she fought her parents just kept trying to break us up.My wife told me before she left that her parents will try to put her in a mental institiution and that i'm her husband and don't allow them to do it.

towards the end I believe her dad was starting to accept me alittle bit but the mother started freaking out and called everyone in the family to do harm to me.Now that's she gone and living with them they won't let me speak to her or anything.

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    Love doesn't have a color. If two people love each other no one should have anything to say about it. Her family should have respected her decision and be happy for her. Sometimes our families make decisions that we dont like, but instead of making them unhappy we should stand by them and do the best to work it out. The only way it will work out for you is for her parents to see pass your color and see you as an individual person who love their daughter. Where there is a will there is a way. Something will work out for you don't give up.

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    Wow. This is a really like a romeo and juliet type of story. I know, the world is mean. I'm one of those person who like's to see interracial couple's. To me it's sweet. Well back to the story. If I were you I wont give up on her. Trust me, if she love you at one point she will come back to you.

    Btw, I was just curious. Can anyone after me answered my curiousity. Does interracial marriage in America still not easily acceptable as it was in 50 years ago(I'm not american).

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    Cheer up. Many people infact experience this alot. Dont worry if u are black, prove to them u have a good heart and really love ur wife. They are jus being racist but most importantly ur wife still loves u. Try to have a good talk with them and settle things. And their way of treating u is sooooo childish

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