Job training & my mom?

I have a job training today from 7:30pm-1am & I was wondering if I get paid or not. The job training is at a boba place & they are rtrying me out for a cashier position but they never mentioned anything about money.

Also I'm 19 now & my mom warned me if I have to work until 1am, she told me to pass on the job. This would be my first real job & I want to keep it plus its summer. My mom objects this idea because I'm a girl & its "my pastime." So what do I do about my mom? She always wants me to have a job and now she's complaining.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you don't have to do anything about your mum, the reason she objected was because she does care for you. its at this age when you are starting you first job that you've got to be careful, maybe 5-10 years back you could switch jobs easily without much affect, but now it isn't that easy, if you finish the training and work for like 6 months before deciding that this is not the job for you, then you have wasted all the time. but you have to decide because somehow you have to start somewhere, just try to get a job that'll teach you a skill that you can carry forward in your CV. Good Luck!

  • 9 years ago

    19 = adult. You really should be thinking about moving out, getting your own place and starting your own independent adult life.

    Your mom is legally responsible for you up to your 18th birthday. You could legitimately tell her to go to hell except it's her house you're still living in and so you are required to obey her house rules.

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