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Why won't my mom let me get a facebook?

ok so im 13 and im in middle school. im not kidding when i say 95% of the school have a facebook. ik it sounds stupid but u really r considered a loser if u dont have one and i have been beggging my mom for two years straight to get me one. she kept on saying no and would never tell me y. i asked again today and she said no and i asked y and she told me because of what goes along with it and its not something i need to expierence. wtf is that supposed to mean??? im friggin 13 all of my froends have them!! y cant they just let me b normal for once!!!!???? do u guys know wat shes talking about and have any suggestions of how i can convince her to let me have one?

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    I'm 13 and I don't have facebook by choice.

    It seems to me that EVERY argument and fight in my school started or got worst on facebook.

    Also facebook can be dangerous because once you post something on there the people who own it can do whatever the hell they like with it.

    They like your photo they can use it on a poster, they like your converstion with you BFF the can use it in an ad, they like the poem you wrote for english class they can sell it on. WITHOUT HAVING TO ASK YOU. Once a photo or a bit of text is online, THERE IS NO WAY OF TAKING IT OFF. And even you put you private settings up, if you friend doesn't have it and they comment on something it'll go on there wall were EVERYONE WHO OWNS A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT can see it.

    No body ever, ever reads the terms and contions ('cept me).

    Source(s): I did a lot of research and made a debate for english class on this.
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    Why have you been "begging her for two years straight"? The minimum age for Facebook is 13.

    You've screwed yourself up having been harassing her when she knew you are underage for the site

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    just get it anyway facebook is good ... but you get bored of it after a while!?!?!? if you want it that badly just make an account.

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    She is just being protective and doesn't want you to talk to the wrong people. I know this day and age everyone of all ages has a face book, but the internet isn't the safest place and there are people who are fake. That is just one reason she may not want you on it. Also, facebook is advertising your life online. Maybe she doesn't want you posting all of your business online for the entire world to see. I'm 25 years old and my mom still yells at me for posting things that shouldn't be anyone else's business to know. haha

    Also, you have to be careful about what you do post on facebook because if the wrong person gets a hold of it, it can actually be a very bad thing... you don't have to worry about employers yet at your age but remember that somebody from your school may also see it. You have to be very cautious with what you post on facebook. privacy settings does NOT block everything.

    @ Ben: She could make facebook regardless, but its not too hard to find someone on facebook if you are using your real name (which is what I'd assume you'd do if you had a facebook).

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