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I lost my wife because the color of my skin. Why do he have to be this way?

My heart is heavy right now. I was in a interracial marriage that currently is sour mainly because my wife family hates me because i'm black. Me and my wife love each other so much but the burden was to heavy to the point she left me.Her parents would call when I wasn't around and brainwash my wife on things and tell her she had to choose between me or themShe would even call at my wife work. She fought it off for awhile but the more and more she fought her parents just kept trying to break us up.My wife told me before she left that her parents will try to put her in a mental institiution and that i'm her husband and don't allow them to do it.

towards the end I believe her dad was starting to accept me alittle bit but the mother started freaking out and called everyone in the family to do harm to me.Now that's she gone and living with them they won't let me speak to her or anything.



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    Did she start working out and lost some weight?

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    Try learning the English language, as a start. Once you've done that, go to a psychologist to find out why you feel so paranoid. After that, find a family that doesn't feel like you'll be muddying their genetic history for the rest of eternity.

  • That sounds absolutely horrible my friend. All I can tell you is that some people will never be able to accept things like that. The baby boomer generation grew up during a time when blacks weren't equals and they just never got out of that mindset. Fortunately i'm sure you will be able to find someone who's parents won't judge you by the color of your skin. It baffles me how some people think like this. If she left you because of what her parents thought then she couldn't have had significant feelings. I really hope things get better man. People are just evil.

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    It sounds like they want your wife to leave you for another man of the same race and marry him. She could be cheating on you or something. What race is she? Is she White, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern?

    Edit: Okay. But it seems like they want your White wife to marry a White man, who could a much terrible person than a better person like you. Sometimes it happens when parents force their daughters to ditch men of other races for men of their own race. I'm Asian and my dad told me to ditch White and Black guys for either Asian or Hispanic (not Mexican because most are illegal) guys just because we live in Atlanta, Georgia in which there are fewer interracial couples and guess what? I'm stuck with a nagging, clingy, possessive, abusive Asian control freak who smothers me all the time and never gives me any space because of this. Plus, he's racist to other guys as well, whenever they try to interact with me.

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    my *wife's* family

    the burden was *too* heavy

    *They* would even call my wife at work

    a mental *institution* (your way sounds like ins-titty-ooh-shun)

    other than that, the start of a lively tale of race, of love, of brainwashing, of broken hearts, of loony bins, and of redemption in this place we call Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained.

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