Bad Dream:Nightmare. What does it mean? ?

A ventriloquist with orange hair about 3 feet tall was trying to kill me! I couldn't hide from him because he'd find me everywhere... I tried to tell my parents but they didn't believe me. Finally his owner went to pick it up but he said "don't do that again, or I'll let him kill you" what is the meaning!?!

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  • 9 years ago
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    There could be MANY and I mean THOUSANDS of interpretations which can come from this, it really depends to the type of person you are, such as age, sex, life experiences you have had including traumatizing one.

    Freud believed that dreams were unfulfilled wishes which basically were desires you suppressed into your subconscious because society does not allow you to do everything you wish to.

    the things which seem unimportant but you remember to such detail and you went through the trouble to mention that detail, those are surprisingly crucial points to figuring out the meaning of your dream.

    Considering that you had the ability to post this, I will go ahead and guess that you are about 15 years old? The ventriloquist could be something from your childhood like a key thing which you have memories of when you were young or potentially, one strong memory. The fact that he has orange hair is quite significant as I already mentioned, you went through that detail even though it may have seemed unimportant and the fact that they were three feet tall.

    This fictional doll could represent several things:

    Your fears



    it could also represent someone you actually know who has orange or ginger features (not necessarily the hair) and you feel that they pose a threat to you somehow, their owner may also represent their father of some sort. It could also mean you are generally paranoid, you fear everday outcomes in life and always worry about the consequences which may take place. The ideology of your parents not taking action may represent that you feel they do not help you when you feel you are in trouble or if you wish for them to take something seriously they never do and you wish that they would help you out or care for you more in general life.

    Hope this helped a little :)

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