How can I become a child/adolescent psychologist?

I am currently a Jr in high school and I am going to have to start applying to collages next year. I plan on attending Nashville State Community College for 2 years because I will graduate with about a 2.9 GPA and I want some pleace cheap to start out. Can I get my assosiates there and then transfer to a bigger university? (I want to transfer to the Univesity of Tennessee or Vanderbelt to get my bacherlars and maybe masters) Does anybody have any tips on the steps I can take? Thanks.

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  • Jason
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    9 years ago

    Well first of all, no offense meant, but there's no way I'd let my child see you if I knew you had a 2.9 GPA. You CANNOT get an accredited PhD with that kind of work. You need to work harder and get the GPA up. (I know you're just in Jr High, but the habits you have now will last you through college.)

    Then just gradtuate from HS with a high GPA and a good ACT or SAT score, find a good college, and work your butt off. Dr.'s are not easy to come by...

  • 9 years ago

    If you want to become a psychologist, you need to be prepared to spend a great deal of time in school. Psychologists have doctoral degrees (either a Ph.D. or a Psy.D.). That means another 2-3 years AFTER you've finished your master's degree. In addition, you'll need a 1 year, APA approved internship, a dissertation, and 1-3 years (depends on the state) of post doctoral supervised experience. You also need to pass a test called the EPPP.

    Make sure that once you get to community college, that you keep your grades up. And I mean WAY up. 2.9 won't cut it, and you won't get into grad school. You'll need probably a 3.8 or above, and preferably above a 3.9.

    Good luck with your future educational and occupational endeavors,

    ~Dr. B.~

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    lots of those are somewhat significant classes -- in case you are able to take care of to pay for it, i does no longer shrink your self to easily the mandatory hours and notice in case you are able to a minimum of audit extra suitable than 3 of those classes. be sure you take: PSYC 3003 - atypical PSYCHOLOGY credit: 3 % between here reckoning on your pastimes: PSYC 2133 - THEORIES OF character credit: 3 PSYC 2343 - baby & ADOLESCENT progression credit: 3 PSYC 2353 - grownup progression AND getting previous credit: 3 PSYC 3043 - COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY credit: 3 PSYC 3733 - SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY credit: 3 PSYC 4033 - PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY credit: 3 PSYC 4423 - EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY I credit: 3 PSYC 4433 - EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY II credit: 3 one among those could be useful in case you % to pass right into a PsyD (practice-orientated) software, yet you will discover out approximately those in grad college, so i do no longer see them as somewhat useful: PSYC 3052 - field adventure IN PSYCHOLOGY credit: 2 PSYC 3533 - PSYCHOTHERAPY: concept & practice credit: 3 PSYC 3633 - professional/ethical/criminal subjects credit: 3 in case you ought to pursue a PhD (learn + practice-orientated) software, you may truthfully % to take 4133 -- the extra methods classes you're taking, the extra applicable off you would be: PSYC 4133 - STATISTICAL methods credit: 3 desire this facilitates. stable success, and congrats on your AA degree!

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