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does anyone know what this dream may suggest, you are driving a huge bus which is empty but you should not be?

I often dream this. It is a huge double decker and I am not very good at driving it and hope no one spots me because I may have stolen the bus. I never hit anyone or crash but I am tearing round the streets.

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    One interpretation could be that the bus represents your worries and your fears, the reason why nobody is in the bus may be because you have no intent on involving other people in your problems or issues and yet you make sure to have the huge bus (potentially yourself or your drive) dodge all of the other cars which will cause an accident but you feel like you have to deal with all those issues yourself.

    Hope I helped :)

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    I have a similar dream where it is a motor bike.

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    I think KN probably has it right.

    Just to add something, you hope no one spots you because you may have stolen the bus fits with you don't want people in it, and yet you know you should. Stolen is like taking it all for yourself.

    Tearing round the streets, not a good driver, also fits with that slight wrecklessness (haa, wrong spelling but good for a dream-meaning here).

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    Are you doing something you shouldn't that is risky and you are not very good at deception ??

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    My Rottie couldn't drive a bus, in his dreams, can I have one of your pups. KIDDING ASIDE, a fun

    dream no one hurt, the 0 property damage, the cops?

    Sound like a fun dream, means nothing, premonition, my Mother could, but not inherited, may

    she R.I.P.

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    You have a lot of opportunities to use.You are not able to use the empty seats and make money.You are just bad in judiciously use what you have.That is the reason for your aimless driving.Mind cautions you to put into use the available resources.

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    there could be a trigger of some sort. that may keep setting of these dreams. or it could be your subconscious is making you have these dreams. maybe something from ur past that you saw on tv or something... and your subconscious is playing tricks on you making you think its you... it could be a lot of things....

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    There isn't a proven reason that tells us what our dreams are trying to tell us. But, there is a theory that I came across in Psychology, it's a theory that says the reason we dream is to mentally prepare us just in case that actual event happened. Sometimes things can be used symbolically. For example: Running from a monster could just mean that it's preparing you mentally to run from a threat(not an actual monster). And in your case, I'm guessing, it could be preparing you mentally for an event where you may be under pressure while trying to drive a vehicle.

    I hope this helps :)

    Source(s): My Psychology class
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    I dont know, if your an adult, but if your not, and you havent gotten your permit yet, like me -_-, im 15, you may just be excited to drive, like me, I some times have dreams like that that im driving my parents jeep, cause my mom or step dad throws the keys at me and says go, cause theirs zombies every where O_O. lol.

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