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Ron Paul Challenge; can you find a MSM delegate count that does not have Ron Paul with zero in Louisiana?

Ron Paul won the majority of delegates in Louisiana among many other states.


The point being they have not updated Ron Paul's recent delegate gains in many states. It is still based on an estimation of the popular vote. So to say that Romney is the official nominee is ridiculous.



He just reiterated that he will not spend money in primary states, but will continue his delegate strategy. Basically the same thing he has been doing since the beginning. The same people that ran with the headline Paul suspends campaign are the same ones that give you this BS delegate count.

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    9 years ago
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    Tony - You are a prime example of someone who believes what they are told instead of examining the situation yourself. Dr. Paul never suspended his campaign, he suspended actively campaigning in the 11 states that had yet to hold their primary. Paul also said he would continue in the delegate hunt. I know the news is telling that Mittens has "clinched", but it's simply not true.

    The nominee is elected at the convention after the delegates vote and one of the candidates recieves 1,144 votes, which will not happen until the end of Aug.

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    The reason that major delegate counts show the numbers that they do, which are correct BTW, are because most states have binding primaries where delegates are required to vote for the candidate as allocated by the primary vote. In states with binding primaries, which are most of them, republican party rules and sometimes state law bind the delegates either proportionately or winner take all. However, in states that do not have binding primaries, like Maine and Minnesota, Ron Paul sycophants have worked to get themselves elected as delegates and have essentially ignored the will of the people.

    If you want to believe that delegates will be able to vote for Paul regardless of which candidate that they are bound to. I want to point out the utter hypocrisy of that stance. Ron Paul and his supporters claim to be for the Constitution, the law and the rules, yet they are more than willing to ignore law and the rules if they think they can get their way.

    As for Louisiana, the MSM counts of 10 for Santorum and 6 for Romney are correct. Louisiana has a total of 46 delegates. Twenty of those delegates are allocated to candidates based upon the results of the state presidential primary. How they are allocated is in accordance with party rules and are bound to those candidates. In order to be allocated any of those 20, the candidate has to receive at least 25% of the statewide vote. Since Ron Paul only received a little more than 6% of the statewide vote, that means none of those delegates can be awarded to him. The remainder of the 20 are officially uncommitted which means they can vote for anybody.

    Twenty-three of the remaining Louisiana delegates of 46 will be elected at the state convention. The convention will determine for whom these delegates will be able to vote. The date of this writing is May 31. Since the convention will not be held until June 2, those delegate slots are, obviously, uncommitted. Ron Paul supporters may get themselves elected to those slots but that will have no effect on Romney's total of delegates.

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    9 years ago

    Ron Paul already suspended his campaign

    so what is your point

  • TPTB cannot permit Ron Paul to win dog catcher. Only candidates hand-picked and approved by the central bankers can be allowed to win.

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