Would passing the Dream Act only encourage future illegals to bring their kids and expect another Dream Act?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Of course.We already has this back in the 1980's. They passed amnesty for millions of illegals and all it did was give future illegals a place to hide in the home of a now-legal citizen.

    Unless you are able to contribute to this country, you should not be allowed in. We have enough native-born leeches. We don't need them from other countries.

    Anyone who thinks this is "mean" should take a look at Mexico's policy on illegal immigration. It's horrific compared to ours. Unless they are willing to support people poorer than they are, they should not feel they have any right to come to America and leech off of us.


  • 9 years ago

    People are going to come to this country anyway. If this country gets hit by nuke people will still come to this country. They don't come here to take our benefits. We got enough native born americans leaching off the government. Did you know you could get money just for being Native American? Many of the people i see at the supermarket around the first week of the month (Foof Stamps, Welfare, etc.) are african americans and whites and chicanos (non-spanish speaking) which means they are born in this country. They are the ones bleeding this country dry by having babies with multiple partners. And the Dream Act is something good. It's not going to give citizenship at all. It just opens a path to citizenship. And it doesn't help all people who came here illegally. You have to be of good moral character, brought here as a child, go to college or the military. If an "illegal" signs up for the military and goes to Iraq or Afghanistan and kick a** in the name of America i think we should give that person a chance. Don't let your racism blind you.


  • Lisa A
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    9 years ago

    Yes. Past history is the best predictor of the future.

    Look at the problems we have now, and how they were caused by Reagan's amnesty. The people already here illegally demanding the dream act came here because of Reagan's amnesty and are now demanding another one.

  • 9 years ago


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  • 9 years ago

    Well that's kind of what happened after Amnesty was implemented during the Reagan administration. We were told that after granting amnesty at that time, then serious immigration reform would be done. Here we are, more than 30 years later, and no serious reform has taken place (unless you call the Dream Act "serious" reform). And at the same time, we STILL have illegals flooding this country, taking advantage of services that are meant for LEGAL tax paying Americans.

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