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Which wars were the most important during the 16 hundreds?

And I mean the Swedish wars. There have been like 11, and I can't talk about all of them!

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    Another war that's pretty important is the Second Northern War in which Sweden snatched large chunks of Danish territory, including Scania and Halland, see Treaty of Roskilde 1658. The Danes later on tried to win them back, which resulted in the Scanian war in the 1670s. The battle of Lund in 1676 was one of the bloodiest battles ever, with huges losses on both sides, but the Danes lost, and those territories have been Swedish ever since.

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    The biggest and bloodiest wast he Thirty Years War from 1618 to 1648. It involved virtually every country in Western Europe save Britain. Over 25% of the population of what is now Germany was killed over the 30 years. Major portions of the country were devestated, left uninhabitable for years. What is really important is that it accomplished very little. There were very few winners except France simply because they came out of it relatively intact.

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