How to get my dark hair light again...?

Okay so let me explain...

Over the weekend I went to get a hair cut, and while I was there I decided to do something different, and asked her if she could "ombré" my hair. She ended up taking half my hair and dying it dark brown and leaving the other section of my hair the color I had it, which was a dark ash blonde with blonde highlights.

I tried to like it but came to the realization it looked crazy.

Yesterday I went and picked up platinum blonde hair dye.( I waned to stay away from the bleach cause I don't want my hair to get damaged )

It lighten it alil to like a medium brown with a reddish tint to it...

I am so frusterated and I just want to get it back to my bottom color which is like I said a dark ash blonde.. I could careless about the highlights..

Does anyone know anything I could do fast, I have to go to work soon so I need something quick..

I would be willing to dye it again, but I wanna stay away from bleach.

Also can I use a developer in conjunction with a light hair dye? Will it lighten it?

Any advice is well appriciated.

Thanks :)

Ps.. When she sectioned my hair into 2, my original hair color is the color in my pic I have on the top to the left..

That's what I want to get the top of my hair again. I don't want to dye my whole hair.. Just the top where it's brown.


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  • lady
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    9 years ago
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    tRUST me Trust need to see a professional colorist with experience at a good salon. Do not even attempt to try to fix can only get worse. You need to get a prof to lift your darker color off and rested it to match your lighter color. This is not simple. You have a snowballs chance in HELl to lift the hair off correctly without fainting of drying out your hair. You also then have to match it all job. I wouldnt go back to the same stylistic and if she did mess it up and cut your hair in a way you did task for get your money back. Send them a certified mail and ask for your money back. Sometimes they will give you your cash back....but, seriously, stop playing hairstylist here. You are gonna make yourself look terrible. If the corrective color is rmtoo expensive or you don't want to lift how do you look in the darker color? Try having them dye it all the darker color if it goes with your skin. The thing is you have a clear mess up of color on your head at this moment. Your choices are 1.) Continue to mess up your own hair.....and 2) go to a pro to lift thr darker hair to the lighter hair or dye the lighter hair to match the darker hair.....I know a pro is expensive but by the time you get all of the supplies to do anything yourself its not that much more money. plus if you keep tinkering around with your own hair eventually some of your hair is going to turn Freaky colors or fall out. You need to get this fixed with a stylistic and get your money back. If you call the salon that screwed to they might be able to give you your money back if you say you are going to file complaints and sue them. Also, do not let them try to fix your hair. They suck at hair. Go to a good place. You need someone who has "color correction"experience....don't.worry this happens every single day and I have screwed up my hair ov the past before too. Go fix it!

  • pretto
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    5 years ago

    You must bleach it in the event you wish it some other colour. You will most of the time must bleach it in steps, cuz the primary tiem you bleach it undesirable tones like pink or soiled orange will arise, and your hair will seem medium brown with orange streaks. Have a reliable do that for you. Dying your hair with a colour wont paintings - the one factor that may "carry" darkish hair is bleach.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I actually have a similar situation, i went to the hairdresser and they dip dyed my brown hair blonde and now half my hair is blonde.. -_-

    Im waiting till summer to dye the bottom half of my end back, i think you should do the same. If you do it too quickly you'll damage your hair! Really!

    And to be honest this has been no help but i just wanted to tell you your not the only one with a stupid hair situation ;L

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    use head and shoulders its a strip will get in out asap!

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  • Rakesh
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    9 years ago

    go to beauty parlor and take it to light hair.

  • 9 years ago

    dont, dark hair is hotter

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