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what can I do about my sister?

ok so I'm 15 and my sister is 24. when she was 16 she got together with her first real boyfriend and has been with him ever since. I know it sounds romantic and all but it would be if he wasn't just an *** hole. he's screamed at me when I was only 7, I know he hits my sister, when we would go visit family a few hours away he would hold her hostage in his car, when we would go out of town he would break into our house so he could watch tv. (yes only to watch tv and eat our food, he would break a window just to do so) my sister works for my dad (it's an easy job, I could do it. she basically works for 2 hours and just answers the phone and sits on Facebook all day for $10 an hour) and he sucks EVERY DIME out of her. oh yeah and he doesn't work because he doesn't want to pay for the kid he had because he cheated on my sister and got a girl pregnant. and he did and said some really mean things to my other sister like calling her an ugly ***** and a loser because she lives at home instead of on her own (my sister is 18 so it's normal to still be at home. he doesn't even work and their rent is paid for by the job my dad gave her) he obviously isn't welcome at family gatherings or holiday parties or vacations or anything because he's obviously been really awful to our family. she gets all bent out of shape about it. me and my mom moved out of state and my sisters and dad are moving here soon. she's planning on moving him down with her! that will make it totally permanent because he will NEVER have the money to move back. the guy is nearly 30 and hasn't held a job for longer then a couple months. I tell her how bad he is for her and she knows he is. whenever she goes out of town with us or something you can tell she's happier. she's also really insecure to be on her own and she thinks guys aren't going to want her because he's made her feel like she's ugly. (she's not. she's totally pretty) she's so scared to leave him! we've tried reasoning with her, we can't get her to counciling, she's like "it's been 8 years! I can't just leave" and another thing, she was visiting us and he totally ignored her cat and guess what happened? the cat died! I'm at a loss and my parents don't know what to do either. HELP ME!

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  • Liz
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    9 years ago
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    Your family and you need to get rid of this jerk. She's terrified of him and 'thinks' she loves him. He will kill her, if you don't act.

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    Go to the mob or hire a hitman and make him disappear from this planet...

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    have you really tried everything? she's ur sister, you wouldn't want her to live a terrible life.. try guiding her.. tell ur parents and her friends to counsel her.. and she should warn him that if he did this again, he will be out of her life.. and if that doesn't work then she should leave him.. you should tell a mature person to talk to her... take a serious step..its now or never..warn that guy.. n try to tell your sister how difficult life will become for her...

    gather ur family and her friends to help her out.. try to scare her about her future...

    come on its been 8 years..isn't she bored?

  • ...ya know there ARE certain places where if you give someone the right amount of money they can make people... disappear ;)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    get him arrested get proof like voice recording or video record and so on

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