This is my karma and I deserve this. I am crying?

I left my bestfriend, ignored her, totally forgotten about her since me and my ex started dating. She was so lonely, spent the breaks alone, ate lunch alone, etc. but eventually she found new friends while I was busy with my exgirlfriend. My exgf was my only world and happiness. but 5months ago my exgf left me. I was alone, ate lunch alone, spent free times alone. My oldbestfriend saw me but didn't care. She doesnt care about me anymore and so does my ex. They dont care about me anymore and I have noone right now. I am suicidal and depressed. I have anxiety and I am really antisocial, only my old bestfriend and xgf understand my situation. I've made a very big mistake, how am I gonna start my life over? I am on the verge of giving up. I feel like my life is worthless. Please help me.


they don't talk to me anymore and i dont have any friends at all.

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is an important lesson and I sense that you have learned from this experience. You should never pass up friends over lovers. It often ends in loneliness.

    Attempt to speak to your friend. She may permit you to slowly rebuild your relationship.

    Don't do it to her again.

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    9 years ago

    Don't be so dramatic, this is hardly anything worth ending your life over. Although i do appreciate it isn't a nice situation to be in and no one likes being isolated.

    You should never ignore friends for the sake of a relationship, because relationships often fail, but friendships tend to last a lot longer. Next time you will know better and make time for your friends. Keep in mind that it wasn't nice what you did to your ex best friend, leaving her to eat by herself. She must have felt awful as well, and she is probably upset that you did that to her and now doesn't want you as a friend, which is understandable.

    My advise is to apologise to her and see if she will forgive you. If that doesn't help, then move on and try to find new friends. Maybe join in some clubs at school and just try to be nice to people. I know it isn't easy and i have been in similar situations, so i am sympathetic to you.

    Just remember to never neglect friends again.

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    9 years ago

    Perhaps maybe try to make new friends or change school start all over or try apologizing

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    9 years ago

    You were selfish. You forgot about the people who meant more to you then somebody you date...friends are the ones who can't cut off your friends for a date or girlfriend...what type of friend are you to eliminate people out of your life...GROW UP...this is a learning are now being treated like you treated others no so good is it? Forget about the gf thats done, I would talk to your friend ONCE...and say I was wrong, and I forgot how valuable friendships are and that they mean more and NEVER act like a selfish *** time you wont repeat yourself...but never let any GF make you forget your one is worth losing friends, you likely will date again and break up again but keep your friends the constant...if your friend wont be friends anymore after how you treated her...its a lesson learned for will have friends in the future learn the will give you more friends etc...worry about school get other interests meet new will pass if you really think you need help go seek a therapist...but truly you made a mistake, you learn from mistakes we all have made em and feel bad, we grow up and dont repeat them...time to grow up...the world hasnt ended just this chapter in your life

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  • 9 years ago

    Try apologizing to your ex best friend. Tell her what an awful friend to her you've been, and that you've realized your mistake, and that if she'd be willing to be friends with you again, you'll never let another relationship come between you two again. If she isn't willing to give your friendship another chance, move on and try to make new friends.

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