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How can I train my Cockatiel to not bite?!?

How can I train him not to freak out on me and bite.......And he is only likes me and no one else is there anything I can do about that?

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    There is probably nothing that you are going to be able to do about his being bonded to you and no one else, they tend to do this. You are the birds mate, everyone else is an outsider.

    As for the biting ... one of the things that keeps a lot of birds biting is the humans reaction to the bite.

    1. bird bites you

    2. you jerk back and go away or you jerk back and then pop the bird (big no no)

    3a. the bird gets what he wanted, you went away

    3b. the hand that made him nervous enough to bite it has just popped him and now he is even more nervous about the hand.

    4. you go back and repeat the whole thing.

    Break the cycle. Buy a box of band aids. When the bird bites you, let him. Dont jerk back. Use your voice to let him know that is not what you want him to do (strong voice not yell "no bite") and continue what you were doing in the first place. He might bite you again ... if he does, let him dont jerk back, use your voice and continue what you were doing.

    The bird bites because it is his way of letting you know that he is not wanting to do what you are wanting. Then after a while he bites because he knows it makes you go away. Your bird is training you instead of you training him.

    Be gentle, be consistent, be caring and dont back down and never let him sense your fear of being bitten.

    Be thankful that you are training a cockatiel and not a cockatoo. Cockatiels barely break skin.

    Source(s): exotic bird owner / rescue / rehab
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    U have cockatiel that bites how cute

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    I had a similar subject with my parakeet and its a similar by way of fact it relies upon how long you understand him and in case you opt to take good care of him and see in case you torcher your fowl like that it needs to get away so it bites you , yet once you clip his wing and coach him to take a seat on your finger and instruct him your a typical calm individual who's attempting to help him out in existence then he will understand and attempt to to coach him and not torcher him he will understand and you to might have the superb time ever.wish success and once you coach him/her to take a seat on your finger they could be in a small room like your closet to run around you and not faraway from you. good success back. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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