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How long does sarcoptic mange lastin dogs?PLZ answer?

if a dog dosent have ANY treatment how long will sarcoptic mange last?


i dont have a dog or anything but im worried about street dogs who cant get treated? if it cant get treated how long will it take 2 kill the dog?

Update 2:

if it kills the dog it will put it out of its misery

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  • Eiram
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    8 years ago
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    It will not go away on it's own. It results in hair loss and crusting frequently appear first on elbows and ears. Skin damage can occur from the dog's intense scratching and biting. Secondary skin infection from the scratching is what could actually kill the dog.

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    I am so sorry to listen to about your puppies! We not too long ago simply adopted/rescued a canine from the South - We reside in the Northeast. We just took her to the vet two days ago for the reason that she developed some lesions and was once ferociously scratching. She was identified with sarcoptic mange. Our vet stated it is rather normal in dogs from the South. He put her on an antibiotic called Cephalexin, which she wishes to take two instances per day for two weeks. She desires 2 more doses of Revolution over the following 4 weeks and Benedryl; two 25mg tablets each 8-12 hours. I am now not definite how enormous your dogs are, however our Weimaraner is forty eight pounds (she's still a dog). Might be the Benedryl will aid your dogs with the itching. Whilst I've learn that each Frontline & Revolution had been used to deal with the illness, i wouldn't dare provide both while. I could are trying utilizing the Benedryl for the itching and wait unless it is trustworthy to use the Revolution; three doses-one each two weeks. Possibly your vet provides you with a script for the antibiotic - it seems beautiful powerful. I'm hoping this has helped you a little bit and i hope your pups might be feeling better soon.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Omg, your terrible! It's not going to kill the dog but the dog will suffer from the symptoms. Horrible person you are. I hope you come down with mange and can't get treated

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It lasts until it gets treated. If you won't do it, be humane and submit the dog to a shelter who will.

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  • Kunzy
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    8 years ago

    ask the vet.

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