Would these be good gcse results?

i really hope you don't take me as self absorbed, as i have taken into account that my grades could turn out a lot worse than this.

but the thing is, i go to quite an academic school, and i know quite a lot of people at my school that look down on b's! let alone ds!

well anyway, here's what i'm hoping to get:

Maths- A

English language- B/C

English literature- C

Core science- A

Additional science-A/A*

History- A/A*

Food- A

Drama- Distinction

R.E.- A/A*

German- A

I.T. functioning skills- Distinction (counts as one gcse, but those who took it to years 10+11 get two gcses)

so yeah, are these really good grades to get? i know i know, i probably sound really arrogant, but please don't think of me like that, i just get confused as my school has so many genius :P

thanks for your answer

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  • Lamb
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    9 years ago
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    lool no your not self absorbed at all! and they seem really really good...except for english lit which is average to bad :/ sorry, i dont mean to be offensive just honest :) have u sat ur english lit exam yet?

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