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How to get parent to let you go somewhere?

So my uncle invited me to stay at his house in Canada for 2 two weeks or so during the break but my mom is not so keen on the idea.She is afraid of my safety and think I will misbehave(I'm already 15). How do I persuade her to let me go?(its in December,I still have plenty of time to convince her)

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    What exactly is she worried about? You should be fine at the air port, your uncle will drive you to and fro, and the chances of something happening at your uncles place are very very low.

  • Cyn
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    9 years ago

    In Canada your safety is pretty much guaranteed. Show her crime stats from your uncle's town. Remind her that you'll be with family.

    Unless she has a problem with your uncle. If that's the case she probably won't change her mind.

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