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Is this poem stupid or lame at all?

It for the girl Iike. This is te first poem I ever write for an FYI.

The first times I saw you, you drew me near to you.

Your bright eyes,

Your happy smile

The light I'am attracted to.

As short time quickly passed, I knew something was true,

I can't deny

It's not a lie

I've fallen in love with you.

Stunning is your pretty face, happy,warm, and bright.

Can you see

That you captivate me

You illuminate the night

Thoughtful is your personality,caring, and filled with love.

You do not hide

The beauties inside

It's what you should never let go of.

Affection is what I have for you, when I see you the more it grows

It grows larger

It grows sfronger

It blooms like a summer rose

Comfortable is how Iam whenever Iam with you,

When you are with me

You make me happy

I want to stay with you

Incomparable are you, your beauty won't tire,

Im telling you

That I love you

Your all that I desire

Amazing are you, you are more than I can take.

The beauties inside

The qualities you don't hide

My love for you won't break!

I need true honest opinions preferably from girls

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    It's kind of sweet but I think she might find it abit creepy if she doesn't feel the same.

    Well that's just my opinion, different people have different opinions.

    Btw,good luck , x.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think you can do it man.

    So keep writing that poem of yours.

    It might be long for you to get it, then

    Again, love poems don't easily verse.

  • 9 years ago

    I Think This Poem Is Beautiful, I Feel The Love You Put Into This Wonderful Poem. Great Job, I Also Love That This Is Your First Poem, You Are Going To Bloom With More. Keep it Up :-). P.s I Am Going To Let My Boyfriend Read This From You. So Thank You.!

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