John asked in HealthMental Health · 9 years ago

what can i do to make my self happy?

I am a teenage drug addict i pop pain pills all the time and lately iv been feeling very depressed. the girl I considered my girlfriend turned out to be a cheating whore and and nothing i do makes me happy lately whats something i can do to be happy some fun activities

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    Make lists of good things




    Try to cut down on the pills

    Spend more time with friends

    Talk to a counsellor

    Re invent your style

    Play a new computer game

    Get into a new fandom

    Join Tumblr

    Re decorate your room

    Learn a new sport or skill

    ^-^ Stay positive!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    sex... haha it works.

    i used to do weed and lsd with a guy i used to hang out with.

    he screwed me over and cut me off from his supply of drugs.

    i was totally depressed and lost... i was having major withdrawls.

    i got into art.

    it saved me.

    now i go to a high school for the artistically gifted.

    find a hobby or talent

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