I am doing a research paper on the affects of having a mastectomy on breast cancer patients.?

Where would be a good place to post my survey? I have tried a couple of breast cancer forums, but they have rules regarding posting surveys. Even the Facebook pages dedicated to this topic don't seem to encourage me posting my survey. I'm running out of ideas, can anyone help?

In case anyone has had, or knows someone who has had, a mastectomy and would like to participate in my survey : http://kwiksurveys.com/?s=MMNDLJ_64fa867c

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    If she has a lot of those concerns my first suggestion could be to get a 2d opinion and discover out what each and every of the concepts are. i replaced into degree one and the 1st plan replaced into to do finished mastectomy additionally, yet I did examine and have been given right into a Breast maximum cancers center. because of fact of yet another medical situation it replaced into settle directly to do a lumpectomy and a Sentinel node removing. i recognize immediately how frightening it is on your mom. Get as cautioned as you could and supply the help she desires immediately

  • 9 years ago

    I am a mastectomy savior and it was ok and to do it over, I would have had a double one done at the same time. It is so strange to get up the next morning and about 10 to 12 pounds is gone. There really was not much pain just the feeling of a lot of bandages under my arm. When you have this done you can't bend forward. So if you know someone going thought this give them front button up night shirts and take them to a beauty parlor for a good head scrub. I went 2 time and know one charged me to get my head washed. Then after the staples are taken out and drains removed. I still leak all over myself. You have know feeling in that area so when my shirt and shorts went went I freaked and called the doctor. They asked me if it was clear fluid and and I said yes. It was ok it was from fluid under my arm. Now when I would go out to a doctor's appointment I would take a clean shirt and I would stuff sanitary pads into my bra. I could not get my fake boob for 6 month.s Now also if someone is going thought chemo. In hot weather take I water with you in a small cooler. I also dehydrated 2 times because of the hot flashes you get. I hope this helps. Oh do not clean with strong cleaners after you have had chemo it will upset yostomachmch

    Source(s): My self and the beauty operators and the most wonderful chemo nurses on this earth.
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