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I like this boy at school but he's tall and I'm smallish I want to look tall and be confident but how can I.we don't talk but we look at each other all the time in school.

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    i'm glad to tell you that many stories start with the glance, that's a good sign i tell you. I put a lot of taught into your fact and came up with this video to look good in presence of a guy.

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    Be good looking improve your looks and show that you are unique with new hairstyle and Stuff like that. wear high heels

    I may not be a n experience lover or a romantic person but i think you should talk to him

    Start with a conversation opener like one below

    There after convince him that you are a lovable character. after a while show him that you care for him and you will

    So put this into work and tell me what happens

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    Get two people to walk in front of you with an enormous magnifying glass, or if that doesn't work for you then get them to carry around one of those carnival mirrors that distorts the people who look in it (get one of the ones that make you look freakishly tall and thin) then walk around backwards with the mirror in front of you.

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    well being tht hes tall im sure he doesent want no one his height,it usually wrks out the opposite of wat tht person is ,is wat they end up wantin plus sum think of as short&sexy.

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    You may be VERTICALLY challenged so how about trying a more HORIZONTAL sure that will grab his attention !!

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    Slowly start to talk to him. The occasional hi, or hey.If he ever starts conversations with you, its i sign he might like you. About the tall thing, you cant make that happen but you never know when you might hit a growth spurt. And about confidence, Just be confident. :)

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    look past the visual, you may be taller in his mind!!! talk to him and see!

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    9 years ago

    We use to do it by a love letter . perhaps it still works ??

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