I hit my head on a metal doorframe pretty hard, should I goto A&E?

I have hit my head in this way before and even got kicked in the head numerous times when I was 16 (im now 30). If this happened to you would you goto A&E? Each time its happened ive just picked myself up and got on with it but am wondering about the long term effects of hitting ones head.

If it helps describe the situation better the doorframe was metal and I kinda jumped through the doorway and hit my head. There is now a lump and slight throbbing pain 30mins after this happening.


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  • 9 years ago
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    It's always a good idea to get head injuries checked out, as they can turn pretty nasty if serious injuries are left untreated, especially if you have a concussion.

    If you have any of the following symptoms go to A&E as soon as you can, as they may be a sign that you have a concussion:

    - Headache

    - Dizziness

    - Nausea

    - Loss of balance

    - Confusion, such as being unaware of your surroundings

    - Feeling stunned or dazed

    - Disturbances with vision, such as double vision or seeing "stars" or flashing lights

    - Difficulties with memory (being unable to remember things that happened a few minutes before you hit your head, or being unable to remember things that happened after you hit your head)

    - Loss of consciousness

    - Slurred speech

    - Vomiting

    - 'Glassy' eyes or a vacant stare

    - Changes in behaviour, such as feeling unusually irritable

    - Inappropriate emotional responses, such as suddenly bursting into laughter or tears

    These aren't all of the symptoms, just the most common ones. If there is anything at all that worries you then go and get checked out - better safe than sorry! That's what the A&E staff are there for, so don't worry. The worst they can do is tell you you're fine and to go home.

    Feel better soon. :)

    Source(s): Medical student
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