Why does my 2001 bmw 325 ci stall at about a quarter tank of fuel?

I've been through two fuel pumps a fuel filter. There is a hose that feeds the other side of the tank because it has a hump in the middle. Is this feeder hose clogged. Does it work on suction from the pump. I don't get it

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  • John
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    9 years ago
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    Its probably not even the feeder, or the fuel pump. This use to happen to old BMW and it would most commonly occur when the vehicle was low on gas. They told me it was a broken house or vacuum, there wasn't enough air circulating in the system to keep the engine running. Symptoms before it stalled out included, shaking of the engine, loss of power and ultimately it would just stall out completely. This also happened in reverse. The vehicle does not display these symptoms while at high speeds but more so when stopped or at low speeds.

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