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What should I get my friend for her birthday?

She is 15. She likes photography, baking cupcakes and cakes, making skirts, and making videos with her cameras.

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    Really cute and seemingly rare cupcake decorations. Not the usual sprinkles or whatever.

    You can get her some material to make skirts.

    And you can also make her a video. People who like making videos also like watching them.

    Might help if you know how to edit. Or take help from someone who knows about video editing,

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    You could give her some really nice cloth since she likes making skirts or you could try your hand at sewing and make her a skirt. Hand made gifts are great because it shows you did more than just pick something off a shelf. :)

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    9 years ago

    if she has an iphone then get her an iphone fish eye lens their quite pricey where i live but if you like in america then you can probs get them cheaper! either that or a new baking book or a polaroid camera or a holga their really amazing good luck xo

    Source(s): my knowledge cuz i'm a photography enthusiast/baker extrodinaire <3
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