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Army EOD or Infantry?

My endgoal is to one day join Special Forces. I know Infantry will help me with that more than anything. But I also love the idea of EOD, but I don't know how well EOD will prepare me for SF. Are there a lot of former EOD's in SF? Also, how physically demanding would EOD be? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    If you ultimate goal is to be SF, then I think you are better off going infantry. Army EOD is not very physically-demanding as infantry (but you still have to run, exercise, and be able to carry heavy objects).

    Personally, I have never met any Army SF's who was an EOD Tech. (most were infantrymen/Rangers).

    Source(s): Ex-EOD1, USN.
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    I would recommend 11B if your end goal is SF. EOD seems to be more of a destination than a stepping stone, really, and while I'm sure it's a great MOS, I just don't see it preparing you for the requirements of SF selection as much as life in the infantry would.

    Good luck regardless.

    Source(s): US Army, 13F
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    You like the idea of EOD based off of talking to actual EOD techs or based off the hurt locker?

    If its the second one don't sign up for it, that's the most innacurate hollywooded out military movie in existence.

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    EOD is one of the most academically demanding programs in the Army. And any MOS, as you know, can apply for and attend SFAS.

    My advice? Do what you want.

    The standards for SFAS are not a secret. You can prepare yourself for them regardless of MOS.

    Source(s): Me,23 years in the US Army
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