Car audio, need help figuring out how many batteries i would need for my new project?

This is what i got, 2 lanzar opti 4,000d supposed to b 4000watt rms at 1ohm, 2 hifonics 800w for mids and highs, now the speakers, 2 orion HCCA 12.2 4000 max, 2500 rms per speaker and 4 audiopipe 8" mid woofers plus two audiopipe bullet twetters, my question is how many batteries would i need to run this setup at full potential, and if somebody could tell me what would be the total amperage draw from the subs and amps

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your cars electrical charges at an average of 14.4 volts, if your amps put out 4000 rms then:

    4000watts / 14.4 volts = 278 amps

    278 amps x 2 lanzar amplifiers = 556 amps

    Hifonics = 111 amps

    total 667 amperage pull from the audio system.

    This is the max you will pull from your amps if you are running the subs at 1 ohm. When you figure in ohm rise and all other variables you never pull this amount.

    You definitely need 2 High output alts, look into mechman, irragi, excessive amperage, dc power.

    Batteries are rated on amp hours.

    Optima yellow top 55 amp hours

    Kinetiks vary but an HC 2000 does 100 amp hours

    XS Power 3100 does around 140 amp hours (not entirely sure of this one)

    If you get High Output alts then you can get by with 4-6 batteries. If you don't get alts then compensate by running more batteries, but you will have to put them on a charger every night.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think the bigger problem is your alternator(s).

    At 1 ohm the 4kd's can draw over 400A each playing at full output. The two HF's will increase that by 10-20%.

    Even a HUGE alt will probably produce 250-300A, but that depends on your car, and if a high output alt is even available for it.

    You can run 20 high quality batteries if you want. If you don't have the available current from the alt to keep the charged eventually all 20 batts would go dead.

    You may be looking at a dual alt set up, if not, the biggest alt you can possibly find.

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