Which airport(s) is best for international travel?

In the summer of next year, I plan to travel to India.

The prices are ridiculous, but I can still manage.

However, if I can go for cheaper, I see no harm.

Rather than traveling from Cleveland-Hopkins, I see how it cheaper to travel to Boston, then go to India. Despite the multiple tickets, it is still hundreds cheaper.

Now, does anyone know airports I could do the same idea, but that is cheaper than Boston?

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    9 years ago
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    Good idea! Yes, it is often far cheaper to book separate tickets. Often there are great specials for domestic flights inside the US and you can use these to book bargain fares to India. Log into Kayak.com and get them to email you special fares. I flew to Paris from Houston and back for under $400 total in 2009 because of those Kayak emails. I bet your best fares will be from San Francisco or LAX (Los Angeles). They have a lot of great fares to Asia. Try to avoid the US airlines though. I happily pay extra to fly airlines from Asian countries because their Flight Attendants are actually polite and patient with passengers. It is so much more pleasant, especially when trapped on a plane for 17 hours- LOL. Sometimes if you go for the rock-bottom price, it can really ruin your whole vacation (like being rudely treated over a period of many hours by a psychotic Flight Attendant). Monday and Tuesday flights are cheaper than other days I have learned. Good Luck!

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    Caitlin ,the liquids so long as they 100mls or much less, need to be in a quart size clear zip lock bag, or put you are making up in your checked baggage. It can be a standardized ruling like TSA united states, and Canadian rules throughout the board.,

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