What Cologne Fragrance Smells The Best?

Colognes: Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren, cKone by Calvin Klein, Eternity by Calvin Klein, Cool Water by Davidoff , Lapidus by Ted Lapidus, Azzaro by Loris Azzaro, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger,

Please respond on which fragrance smells best. I have them all and I can't decide what smells the best..

Additional Info: 14 year old about to start freshmen year

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I love smelling cologne! The best I've found is unforgivable by Sean John! I know you have a list to pick from but I highly recommend the unforgivable! It's not a super strong, over powering fragrance either, just perfect :-)

  • 9 years ago

    I am a passionate perfumista and I've found that one of the best men's cologne is bulgari black. It looks like a hockey puck and you can get it on several perfume discount sites. At first it smells odd so don't put it on right before you get on the bus. However as it dries it turns in to an excellent slightly smoky, leathery, fairly leathery cologne. Just don't use too much! Little goes a long way, experiment first. It's much more mature than axe but not over the top like polo and many others I know. For a 14 year old subtle and non offensive is key.

    Other suggestions that you can easily find at malls or even cheaper on line at discount stores like fragrance net.com or perfume .com: (actually even Amazon)

    Several of the Boss colognes

    John Varvatos

    If you can find it cheap, creed hymalaya

    Source(s): Experience
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