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Best laptop for professional video editing?

What is the best laptop for professional video editing, with firewire port, fast processor, good RAM etc. for editing professional films, music videos, etc. ?

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    9 years ago
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    Try Macbook Pro (15) 2.5 4gb ram

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    usually people who like mac gets a mac no count variety variety what the fee or how sturdy they're. Mac's for the main effective section are no further that great, particular they provide the impact of being effectual yet they have different themes. usually mac for a matching fee as a working pc or pc would have slower factors indoors them. on the top of the day each and all the climate indoors and mac and a working pc or pc come from a matching enterprise so as quickly as you purchase a mac all you're procuring is the "case" and the working equipment. i could tremendously recommend looking around at pc's as extra purposes run on them.

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    9 years ago

    Videoguys Recommended Laptops for Video Editing

  • 9 years ago

    i don't know if this is the best but it certainly is a good choice

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    9 years ago

    you might want to get a laptop They got some good software for rendering and stuff like that, like the editing software can easily install it is good enough try to buy laptop with high graphics card.

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