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Stay Home Or Come Back?!? Inlove & Scared....</3?

Nathan & I been together for 5 & ahalf months now, 2 months dating i moved to texas to be with him. I moved 22 hours away from my friends & family so we could be together, now its summer & i plan on going back to south carolina to see my family. For the last month we been fighting none stop, when i first met him he was sweet & told me he wanted to get married & have kids ( was pregnant with twins but had a miscarriage ) & since we moved to texas he changed a lot. I feel like he doesnt love me like he used to, we still sleep in the same bed but we dont cuddle & i cry every night & he dont ask me whats wrong anymore. should i stay home or when summers over come back to texas ?!? i'm inlove with this boy but im tired of the fighting & yellin & pushin & none cuddlin & the crying. sometimes i think if i was still pregnant it would be different but i dont know. Please Help ),:


it hurts when i think about him bein with someone... its been 3 weeks or more since we done anything sexual & a week since we kissed each other. we are fallin apart & i dont know if theres any fixing it...

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    Why stay with someone who treats you like that? It's not going to get any better; did you say pushing? If he's already getting physical that will get much worse. Getting pregnant is not the answer. Enjoy the time with your family, it may be the break you need. Hopefully you will meet someone who treats you with the respect you deserve.

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    You ran off with a fellow you'd only known for 2 months, it's now been less than 6 months and I suggest that what is happening is that you are beginning to get to know him.

    Insta-love is simply not based on knowing anything about a person. It's dreaming. It's the hots. The hots have next to nothing to do with any level of understanding of who that person is. Neither of you "loved" each other with a love that had knowledge of who that person was. You were getting to know who you were saying you were... not at all the same thing.

    Most people need to at the very least confront themselves on the fact that they are a different person than they say or dream they are as part of the growing up process long before they are ready to BE who they are and join their life with another person who, hopefully, as already gone through that as well.

    Now you are getting to know one another. And I suggest that you are finding out that you are not compatible. And are not going to be compatible. Being pregnant will only make it worse. This occurrence is most common among young people who are barely even getting to know themselves. I suspect that is true in your case because you ran off with a fellow who said he wanted to get married and have kids and *poof* that, in your mind, is what you two were going to do. Adults tend to spend at least 2+ years getting to know a person before deciding to take those steps together. Because it isn't the what. It's the who.

    Go home honey. You could hang in here for another whole unhappy year just trying to prove that your hots was right but the chances are excellent that you will, eventually, go home. And, if you have a kid, the changes are great that you will go home with a baby in your arms and in total confusion about what you will do next. Just go home now and get happy again. Take your time getting to know guys. It makes a big difference.

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    I think you should stay home where you belong. You moved in way to quickly with Nathan, and when things are done too fast, mistakes are bound to happen. After 5 months you really don't know how the other person really is, that takes a little bit more time than that. Maybe the yelling, fighting, non caring kind of guy is who he really is. If you are not happy then do something about it, you control your own life... If you don't want your future to be like this then stay home, start a new life without him. You sacrificed a lot to be with this guy, you left your home and family and friends, he should respect you for that and treat you with more care since you did all that for him. For him to not even ask if you're OK when you are crying? That's cold! and you deserve better. Good Luck!!

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    Go home for a while. I'm so sorry :(

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