Is politics the only section Y!A allows spam?

Let's face it: your political opinions are spam. You are pushing an agenda en masse, not exchanging any information. I guarantee you nobody leaves this section knowing more than when they left.

The entire Y!A politics is spam. I personally always flag it.


NNN, "The worst part though, is all the pathetic little weasels reporting everything they disagree with" - actually that's the best part.

I think you need to work on your consistency. Why would you delete spam from your bulk mailbox instead of just considering that your main inbox? You don't, and you're one of those weasels, get it?

Update 2:

Mana... yes them too. Politics is far worse though.

Update 3:

Jay, rhetorical opinion, of any kind, is spam. It provides no information.

Nobody cares about your opinions, and they are not asking for them. Your trust level is only hurt when others don't do the same.

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  • 9 years ago
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    In some cases it is worse than spam. Spammers don't solicit your opinion and then belittle you for not having the same opinion as the spammer. Spammers don't report you for a usage violation when you make a better point in the discussion than they do. It's turning into a template for people to try to force their viewpoints on others rather than serve as a true Q & A site or evelegitigit political forum where people share ideas in a clear manor. There is far too little respect for others.

  • 4 years ago

    there are lots of of factors in touch on your allegation that even people who ought to prefer to consider you would be remiss if doing so. For it relies upon on distinctive variables to confirm. Liberals tend to have dominance throughout the time of conventional working hours, at the same time as conservatives (acceptable wing terrorists) connect the verbal exchange in off-hours (as a effect, they dominate after six p.m. because of fact the time-zone crosses the country, and conservatives are executed working the liberal drones they pay minimum salary to make widgets for them bypass living house).

  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    Political opinion is not considered "spam" under Y!A TOS. When you flag it, it only decreases your "trust level" when reporting.

    You're only hurting yourself.

  • 9 years ago

    Try the religion section

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  • 9 years ago

    One man's spam is another man's steak. Awful lot of spam on here though- every section. The worst part though, is all the pathetic little weasels reporting everything they disagree with. Good luck pushing your agenda.

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