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What does it mean when a group of guys look at you in school?

so one day I was playing volleyball in gym, and there was a group of guys that r juniors. in that group there was one of them who I though was really cute. anyways they were just standing there and they.were looking my way. and every single time went their.way they would give it to me and look at.the.guy who I have a crush on. and they will smile at me. then one of his friends went to play with me and my friends which I found really weird cuz we dont even talk. then when we got out of gym I went to my friends locker they.were walking too, and when I walked away my.crush was staring at me and his friends just smiled at me, I really want to talk to this guy but I dont know if hes intrested what should I do? and what doea this mean?

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    Maybe one the guys said that you gave him a bl.ow job, and when you walked past, they turned to look at who he was referring to. They probably thinking the guy you like will be the next guy.

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