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My 13 year old little sister is getting random pimples and they are really bad..not like acne but like pimples about 4 or 5 at a time. she doesnt know how to get them to go away so she asked me and i dont know because i never really had a problem like that. Help! maybe a way to wash your face or a certan face lotion or pimple healer??

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    As soon as you feel that a pimple is forming, put some Colgate toothpaste on it. Not the different types but the classic one. She can also put on calamine lotion everyday, it closes the pores and helps to prevent pimples. Also make sure that she drinks a lot of water.

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    I can't really give all that much suggestions without knowing her skin type. Does her face get really oily or does it get dry and patchy?

    If her skin gets oily I would concentrate on getting a good cleanser and toner and a water-based moisturizer

    For dry skin The moisturizer is also important but I would concentrate on one that is more hydrating.

    Other than that I would get acne fighting creme. She may not have a whole lot of acne now but believe me when I say it can get a whole lot worse if not treated properly.

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    Try some basic cleaning products first, and if those won't help, see a dermatologist. Just basic cleaning with a cleaning solution and clarifying solution have helped me a lot, you can get some god ones from Clinique and the Body Shop. If this wont help, it may be best to see a dermatologist, since they know this kind of problems the best.

    Some people use toothpaste... It does not work for everybody and for some people (me for example) it just makes them worse.

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    Put tooth paste on ur face(this might sting a little) for two nights wake up and tadaa its gone like magic

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  • Neutregena face bar, and go to a dermatologist.

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