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Small pimples???????????

I have small pimples/zits at the begining of my hair line.. what could they be and what is causing them? How can i get rid of them?

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    Me too! I guess it's because i wear a scarf so all the sebum gets clogged at my hairline. And as for treating them, try using Clean & Clear. I've hardly used it for a week and it's vanishing so rapidly!! I can't believe it actually works! Try it! Or you could put toothpaste which might be troublesome because it's at your hairline... I've tries. Believe me. It works but it kills you trying to get it out of your hair. But there was this ONE time out of thousands of time, that i had this huge acne (with pus) & the toothpaste made it turn black(greyish actually) & left a scar... But since using Clean & Clear, it's fading away!

    Hope I've Helped!! :)

    GO0D LUCK!! :D

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