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Prideful Husband getting on my last nerve?

I am 25 years old and got married when I was 21 to whom Then I thought was a humble guy.

He turned out to be the most prideful, bad mouthed person ive ever met in my life.

When he is in good terms with me, he is the sweetest most loveable guy in the world.

But when he is in a bad mood or angry,

he likes to take to take it out on me.

He likes to humiliate me, make me feel like crap.

When he gets angry he says so many aweful things that he doesnt mean but he ends up saying it anyway.

He tells me that im crap,

that my job is a piece of ****,

that he doesnt want his kids around me because im a piece of garbage,

he calls me so many names and dis-respects me.

he thinks he is the best at everything and he always points out everything I do because to him it is garbage what I am doing.

The next day after he told me all of those things

he wanted to get friendly with me, calling me baby, and wanting to get close to me

and i told him to **** off.

Worst part about it,

he does all of this in my parents house.

All the time we've been together I have been nothing but helpful for him.

Everything he needed I would always be right there for him.

Financially, emotionally, me and my parents are the only thing he actually has in this country...

He has no friends because he doesnt socialize and

he doesnt appreciate anything.

And it's not just me...

he is ungrateful to everybody.

And I ofcourse have anger management problems and dont let anybody talk bad to me

and then I get angry and start slapping him and fighting physically with him

to the point where I get hurt un-intentionally.

We are living in our parents house until we can get financially stable.

We have been living here for about 3 years and I am sick and tired of telling him that we need to move out but .. he doesnt want to waste his money on too much rent.

The only thing he pays in my parents house is half of the light bill and $200.00 of which my dad puts $1,000 and i put $100 because i have a part time job.

The only good thing about him is that he is very hardworking. he doesnt hang out in the street, but it seems like he doesnt want to do anything with his money. hes been planning to buy a car but he never takes initiatives. He says he has goals but never seems to accomplish them.

Im always the one pushing him for him to do something for his life.

I bought him a $500.00 rosetta stone english program so that he could learn english and he doesnt pay attention to it so now im going to return it.

All he does is play call of duty on the Ps3, he doesnt like to go out anywhere, and when he does he's always complaining and critizing.

I really dont know what to do.

I try to talk to him but he think he is my father and talks to me like a piece of crap.

I have spent 1 week without talking to him and I really am starting to feel like my feelings for him are slowly fading away.

I have no interest in being with him.

I cant kick him out the house because this is my parents house.

I feel like im at the lowest point of my life right now

even though i am working so hard at my job trying to look for a raise or a promotion....

and Im going to try my hardest to go to college...

:( he seems to always be in the way.

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    I was in a live-in relationship with a man exactly like your husband for 2 years and by the end of our relationship I was left with zero self esteem and became suicidal.When he left I was popping anti depression pills and was suffering from anxiety attacks.Just like in your case he was sweet and humble before but after 8 months he started showing his true color by having affairs and screaming and shouting at me.He started criticizing my clothes,make up,hair,food and everything I said and did.Whenever he would get angry he would use filthy language that I cant even mention here.Then at night he would come for sex without caring that he hurt me.That time even I felt that I could never leave him. I was addicted to him or rather the pain.It gave him more power over me and he dominated me even more.I would cry myself to sleep but that didnt make any difference in his life.So If you are thinking that a miracle will happen and he'll change then you are wrong.He is already living in a free hotel where the food and sex is free.Why would he respect you?I threw him out of the house and got back my self esteem.Just close your eyes and go in the future.You think he's the kind of father who'll take kids to games,zoo and movies?Is he going to tell them bedtime stories?Is he going to teach them good values? Think that a man who is a foul mouth and indisciplined himself, how can he teach discipline to your kids?You both will be arguing and fighting same way even after the kids are born.Think about the after effects.Do you want that horrible life for yourself and your kids?Can you put up with lifelong abuse and violence? Is that the enviornment you want to give to your kids?? You made one mistake by marrying the wrong man and this is your chance to save your future.Love and respect yourself first.Dont be a punching bag for any man.Pursue your career,feel beautiful and live a respectable life.You owe it to youself.Think wisely and take a decision asap. Good luck!

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    Prideful Husband getting on my last nerve?

    I am 25 years old and got married when I was 21 to whom Then I thought was a humble guy.

    He turned out to be the most prideful, bad mouthed person ive ever met in my life.

    When he is in good terms with me, he is the sweetest most loveable guy in the world.

    But when he is in a bad mood or...

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    I don't know if these are divorceable reasons. You guys are somewhat different, but you can balance each other out. There's a reason why men and women are the yin and yang; there's a reason why you two are attracted to each other.

    Either you two manage to work out your differences and your relationship survives, or you can't, and the relationship falls apart. However, this requires mutual effort.

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    I think he's jealous that you seem to have it all together. Yes you can kick him out he's your guest be sure to let your parents know what's going on. You don't have to tell them the details just "hey mom and dad so and so and I had a disagreement and have had asked Jim to leave for awhile. Next time he treats you like a piece of crap be sure to kick him out for one night. He needs a dose of reality.

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    You can get your parents to evict him if it's their house. Just get him out..

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    You are a fool. Dump him and get a little self respect. He has no respect for you. So what if he had nothing else in this country? Millions of others have nothing either and are wonderful kind people. He will never change. He is a loser. Your life will be a living hell. Leave now while you can. Get educated and move on with your life. How can you do this to your parents?? How can you do this to yourself? You know what you have to do. If order to save yourself, get rid of him. Go for counseling,go see a lawyer. Make sure you do not get pregnant or you will be trapped with him forever. He will teach your children to disrespect you just like he does. Think enough of yourself and your parents to get this miserable person out of your life. There is a big beautiful happy world out there, and why should you not be part of it? Dump him. He will find his way. Good Luck to you . Keep working hard and go to college. You have amazing potential--without him. Your last sentence sums up the whole problem, " He is in the way."

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    You need to dump this looser and find someone who will love and cherish you as you deserve. He also should be forced to pay lots of child support to help him remember what he screwed up.

  • Ok...
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    Yeah, you got married too young, and to the wrong guy. This is why you have to make wise CHOICES in men. It's about CHOICES. Because remember, you were the one who PICKED this guy, not us.

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