how do i control my anger?

I lived a very shelterd life. Could not talk to my parents, they always wanted me to, but every time I did they ridiculed me, or got me into a lot of trouble, my childhood was very..parental controlled? as you say? And I was the shy kid in class so I hardly had a friend to talk to other than my sisters. not a ton of freedom so I started holding my emotions back when i was very young, well I am 21 now and things are starting to get A LITTLE better, but I still have a lot of anger. I'd say i was 16 when I really started lashing out, punching holes through the walls breaking my fingers cuz I punch something too hard (over like, a cat meowing over and over AND OVER or something EXAMPLE), throwing things around, constantly screaming and yelling at the ones i love the most. My temper was just so short, well, it has decreased over the years, I don't randomly punch things anymore (most the time) and trying SO HARD not to yell. But the little things, like a loud car driving by with those annoying as crap sub-whoofers (people who have those things, THEY ARE ANNOYING!! GET RID OF THEM) that will make me pissed off for like a few hours.

anyways..well I am finally in a good relationship for over a year now, and..well he shipped out to afghanistan, today, well he is leaving tomorrow..but now my anger is starting to rage again and I do not want to hurt myself anymore, but more importantly I do not want to hurt my loved ones anymore. I tried yoga, pissed me off, tried pilates..just plain boring, and annoying, tried punching bags..ehh.. my diet is still good, soo..what are my options here?

oh and please don't give me crap about me not liking those damn pointless subwhoffers that you can hear from 10 freakin miles away..

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  • 9 years ago
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    my dear the most important thing you have to do is to realise that life is too short and enjoyable to be angry all the dont need to be so sensitive of what others are doing. just try to avoid yelling and try to have fun wherever you are. by yelling and getting crazy without a serious reason you lose much more than you earn..thing of it

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  • 9 years ago

    try M&M,

    marijuana and meditation.

  • 9 years ago

    get a punching bag

  • 9 years ago

    You're right- loud music from passing cars is incredibly annoying, especially since it's almost always some sh*tty dance/ rap/ pop music blasting out. Makes me angry just thinking about it! I have a lot of repressed anger too. An awful lot. How do I deal with it? I skin my neighbours cats. You should try it. Cat skinning not your cup of tea? Then maybe take up a martial art or boxing... I box a lot and it usually leaves me feeling calm/ confident. Also working out reduces stress levels. And masturbation. So to recap... skin some cats, take up boxing, workout more and masturbate 12 times a day. Good luck to you!

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