How to fix my fan selector in my Honda Civc?

1998 Honda Civic. The interior fan is stuck on defrost (it blows on the windshield and at me) and I cannot select anything else. There is also nothing coming out of the 2 main vents over the radio. Nothing. I do have air blowing out of the vents near the doors though. Vents at my feet also do not blow air. I replaced the resistor, but that didn't help. Thoughts?

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    9 years ago
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    Find out if the controls are vacuum actuated or electrically actuated.

    There's some indication online that they are electrical.

    If true... a fuse could have blown and now there is no power to control the dampers.

    Check the fuse panels, there is one under the hood and one in the car.

    Source(s): These look electrical...
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