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What lab equipment would I need for a home lab ?

I am falling in love with all things science, and would love to continue this passion. I am planning on setting up a home lab, to conduct experiments, and dissections. I am not focused on one particular area of science, whether it be biology or chemistry, so I would love to get some equipment lists for both. A list with all equipment from labs coats to microscopes would be fantastic ! Thanks


I'm not saying money isn't a problem, I have some friends at lab supply companies so I can get equipment at good prices. And I don't need a little chemistry kit with a little microscope and slides. I do not need a microscope of the same power as a college lab, but nice, professional lab equipment for actual experiments

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    Building a home lab can be a really great hobby as well as a serious research tool.

    I suggest that you take it slow at first. Find a convenient place to build a lab bench, get some used undergraduate college lab manuals in biology and chemistry, and in physics too. Determine what labs and lab procedures catch your interest and then order the lab materials you need to carry out those particular lab studies. Slowly over time build your lab up to what you want it to be and eventually begin to focus your efforts and studies in a particular direction toward something that you want to explore and further develop.

    As someone has already pointed out, building a lab can be fairly expensive undertaking. So, building it slowly can making purchasing the right equipment a little easier as you go. You learn first hand just what equipment you need and what operating characteristic that equipment will need to have.

    Search the Internet for info on building a home laboratory, or basement laboratory, and see what other people have done along these lines.

    See: Toolbox: Setting up a home science lab

    See: Preiser Scientific

    At-Home Science Laboratory Experiments and Ideas for Kids

    See: Science Lab & Scientific Experiments


    See: Carolina Biological Supply Co.

    See: Ward's Natural Science

    See: Fisher Scientific


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    It really depends on what you want to do. You can get some microscopes and prepared slides from education companies like Edmund Scientific.

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    You need whatever you need. I think you will change your mind when you see the prices.

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