had 2 nightmares in one night,what does it mean?

The other night i had two horrible nightmares,one was that i was teaching to do social work and went into a building with the social worker were ex cons lives and we walked into the sitting room and three guys were there and they grabbed the other women and raped her while i managed to get out the back door and flee,there was noeone to get help and the ex cons ad aids...the other dream was my auntes house was haunted her alsation bit my toddler and turned demonic on me.. What do they mean if anything? I actually woke my partner up by screaming and i woke myselff up too.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Very often nightmares are caused by something you ate that

    disagrees with your body. You might think about what you had that evening

    and keep a log with future nightmares to see if you can find a food

    or drink that causes sleep distress.

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